April 20, 2014


My picture diary from our very, very, very, long trip from 

I cannot believe I survived an 8 hr flight from Chicago to Amsterdam with out sleeping! 
(Trying to avoid jet-lag here)

Second... A 6hr layover in Amsterdam following that very long flight!
 Fortunately I was sooo amused and mind blown by this European airport
 (Like, everything was so different and interesting!)
and thank GAAAWD for the all the hot European boys! LIKE! THANK GOD!
Time flew by so quick!

Third!!!! After being on a plane (AGAIN!!!!) for 4 hrs 
from Amsterdam to Athens
at this point my eye bags had reached a whole new level!
Like a strung out raccoon after a weekend in vegas!
 Like its big! its black! its GRROOOSSS!!!!
On top of all that....I probably gained 50million pounds!
Thanks to the non-stop flow of food courtesy of KLM airlines!
I mean, they just kept feeding us the whole time we were on the plane!

Lastly, as a result of being on a plane and in airports
 for the better part of 24 hrs without any sleep...
My face literally died! Like, it fell off! Like, Swamp monster status!
I broke out everywhere!!!! NOT CUTE!

With all of that being said... Even though I look like
a hot mess raccoon with disgusting little planets growing on his face!
Atleast, FINALLY! I'm a hot mess raccoon in GREECE!

Thank God for a safe fun and fabulous safe flight!
Easy security check-in! Not wearing a belt, a jacket to take off and extra jewelry for trip! =)

Drinks before our trip!

Selfie w/ Ryan before our trip!

The official gross airplane food picture! And obvies... Frozen playing in the background! =)

Some weirdly delicious vino in the plane!
Boarding pass from CHI > AMS