April 20, 2014


Athens, Greece
Day 1 

For our first day in Greece we had a half day to spend in Athens 
before we hopped on a ferry to Santorini -  
Even though we’re coming back to Athens for 2 days
after Santorini and Mykonos, we took advantage of 
the half day we had and explored the city!

We wanted to see the Acropolis, but it was closed that day 
so we went to Areopagus Hill and soaked in the most
amazing and breathtaking view of Athens and the Acropolis!
It was absolutely stunning! 

The whole time I felt like I was dreaming!
Like, I've seen pictures of Athens and the Acropolis for like
the longest time... And I cannot, like, CAANNOOT! believe 
I am here in person and enjoying this fabulous Greece attraction! 

The whole time I felt like crying! Ok.. now
I might be being a bit dramatic! But seriously,
I am trully blessed to be in Greece and enjoying all of these
amazing sites !