April 22, 2014


Caught my self complaining about the 85degree day
and how hot it was next to the amazing RED volcanic cliff

What a fabulous day it was!
First... it was like 85 degrees, beautiful, and
it wasn't humid at all! Like, not even a little! It was perfect!
At one point though I was complaining how hot it was
But I had to stop myself! I mean hello! I want hot, warm beautiful weather and this 
 weather is so much better than our -20 degree weather in Chicago.
Like, seriously...


It was a great day to go check out RED BEACH
I've heard so many amazing things about this attraction!
And I totally wasn't disappointed...

Before I start talking about RED BEACH
I want to share with you guys how I felt during the drive there...
So the beach is located in Akortiri (a small town in Santorini)
And on the way there I fell in love more and more with the island!

We passed by the local neighborhoods (like none of the tourist spots),
the over looking view of the agean sea, driving through the cliffs! 
It was fantastic! I died... Like I was so in love!

When we finally arrived at RED BEACH
I was so amazed! The beach was literally next to a volcanic cliff and 
was covered with red volcanic rocks!
It was pretty stunning!

Also, It was an adventure to get to the beach.
We had to go down a very very hot volcanic rocky trail!
The whole entire time I was trying not to fall and die...

Even though it was rough getting there
the landscape and the view was phenomenal and 
I'd do it over and over again!
Totally worth seeing!