May 12, 2014


 "Thermes Luxury Villas"
Megalochori, Santorini Greece
My video tour, pictures and review of our little home in heaven

Thermes Luxury Villas
(scroll down for pictures)

Located in Megalachori, a small village on the gorgeous island of Santorini, is Thermes Luxury Villas.  Santorini was the first stop in our vacation and we started off with a bang!
Straight off the ferry we were greeted by our very own black Mercedes (an optional service I would highly recommend) and a well-built Greek Man named, off course, Panos.  He was very social and helpful – a much needed friendly face after a 7 hour ferry ride from Athens.  The car was parked literally right next to the boat and as hundreds of people were scrambling for cabs and to find their drivers, we were whisked away up the mountainside to our own little slice of heaven.

It was well after midnight by the time we arrived so we couldn’t quite take in the whole experience, but we could tell where we were was gorgeous (and we hadn’t even parked the car yet!)  Upon arriving at Thermes we were told to not worry about anything –to  go explore our villa and that all our bags would be taken care of – so we did!  And OMG – the villa was legit bigger than our Chicago apartment.  3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 stories, 1200 square feet, BEAUTIFUL private pool and balcony – you name it, it was there, appropriately adorned in traditional Santorinian decor.

 Panos dropped off our bags and we headed straight for our oversized king bed (it was like 2am).  The next morning we woke up to a phone call telling us the breakfast we had ordered the night before was ready to be delivered if we were ready to eat it!  Of course we were!  So we threw on some clothes and headed for the balcony – and Oh. My. God… The view!  The view was other wordly – something from a magazine.  Panaromic views of the caldera with nothing or no one to spoil the beauty.  Here we thought it couldn’t get any better – then breakfast showed up.  No continental breakfast, stale muffins and build your own waffles here! Delicious fresh baked croissants, greek omelets, espresso, mimosas, it was all there and it was all perfect – such a great way to start the day! Everyday for the next 4 days!

Over the course of our 4 day stay at Thermes Luxury Villas we met and were helped by some amazing people.  The daytime front desk clerk (whose name currently escapes me, probs Panos or Costa. LOL. Just Kidding) was perhaps the most positive and helpful person we’ve ever met.  Whether it was getting a rental car, ATV’s, dinner suggestion, late check out, or a helicopter ride he was ready and happy to assist!

The quiet man whose understanding of the English language seemed to not extend beyond the words “breakfast” and “your welcome” was a silent hero. Breakfast at 8:00 am sharp every morning? Your welcome!  Ironing board in your room? Your welcome!  Dead lizard in your pool!? Your welcome!
Maid service came twice a day and always left the villa looking like we just checked in.  We even had a vacation pet!  A lovely little orange tabby that we lovingly nicknamed Khloe shared breakfast with us every morning.

And of course, they don’t just do breakfast! They have a wonderful authentic Greek kitchen with some really good Souvlaki available for dine in or room service!

Overall, between the insanely helpful and professional staff, the gorgeous 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom villa, the breathtaking view (THE VIEW!!!), the scrumptious food, and the air of exclusivity there really isn’t much decision to be made when making your choice on where to stay in Santorini.  Sure it might be a little far from the main stops (Fira, Oia, etc..) (just rent a car!) but the view, the villa itself and the tranquility that come with your stay at Thermes makes for a surefire nobrainer!

I cannot wait to go back!

Go check it out now!