December 24, 2014

These are the top 10 things I would like to receive for Christmas 

1.Fendi 2Jours in Croc-Print/BiColor please

2. Minsai Bracelet. Thank You!

 3. This T Tahari Marla Wrap Coat 
So I can feel like I'm Olivia Pope

4. These Fabulous Saint Laurent Boots!

5. A 300mm Canon Lens please!

6. Some La Mer skin care please!

7. I want this cowhide rug please!

 8. Santa please please please get me this 
Fabulous and Colorful Valentino Camo Rockstud!

9. This Burberry Cape w/ my initials. Thank You!

10. Last but not the least an IRON! Yes! A fabulous new 'clothing iron' please!
I have no idea why I cannot get myself to get a new iron. It's either I always forget
or when I am there - I cannot decide on wc one to get. Like seriously? It's an iron!
If somebody could just choose and get it for me, that would be lovely!

Thank You Santa!