September 14, 2015


So surreal to be there in person... 

I dont even know where to start...
Ever since I was a kid I saw photos of the Colosseum and learned about it...
I never knew that one day i'd see it in person.
So surreal!

As soon as I walked out of the train station, there it was,
The Colosseum right there in front of me!
I literally had a jaw drop - pinch me moment!
It was like, WOW! Is this real? It was just AMAZING! Cheesy, I know!
Funny how this is the norm for people who live in Rome or in Italy - Jealous!

Book a tour/skip the line pass when visiting!Trust me! 
This was the best thing we had ever did because the line to go inside The Colosseum was BANANAS!
Aint nobody got time for lines!

We booked our tour through Viator (Click here)All the information should be there!

This was our first day in Rome and of course,
number one in our itinerary had to be The Colosseum!
After, we had lunch in this restaurant with the The Colosseum as the view!
Like, is this real? Am I really eating spaghetti with the Colosseum as our view!?
Then we just walked around  Rome and ate gelato of course (When in Rome!)
Over-all amazing 1st day in Roma!