June 22, 2015



Was in Florence for 3 days and I seriously cannot get over how massive and beautiful
the Florence Cathedral & Duomo were...

The first day we were in Florence it rained on and off… Luckily our BnB was literally 2 blocks away from the Duomo and city centre (can we even handle the location). The BnB we stayed at was FABULOUS! “Stanze Del David”- def check it out! The hosts were literally the best and very accommodating! The BnB was very elegant, rooms were fantastic and you really could not beat our location! It was walking distance to mostly everything
(Check out photos and reviews of Stanze Del David HERE)

Even though it rained the first day, it did not stop the crowds from going out onto the beautiful streets of Florence - we were, ofcourse, part of them. Ha. Seriously, not in Florence for even an hour and I was already in love with the city! So beautiful!

We first checked out the Florence Cathedral and Duomo since it was right by our BnB and “ohh my god” like OMG! It was amazing!!!  It was incredibly massive and every detail was breath taking! I wished we went inside and went to the top of the Duomo… If you know me in person you know I hate lines MORE THAN ANYTHING! I just cannot do it. So even though it was free to get in, we ended up skipping going inside. Looking back at it now... I should’ve just sucked it up!
Hey! Another reason to go back right? 

We didn’t take any photos during our first day because 
1. It was super crowded (even though it was on and off raining) and 
2. The gloomy setting was just not very picturesque. 

So, one of the days  we were out early to beat the crowd and captured the beauty of the Florence Cathedral and Duomo.
Surprisingly 7am in Florence means the city is still sleeping – there were no cars, mostly all the places were still closed and there were very few people around.

I highly suggest that when visiting Florence, or any other major tourist destination for that matter, do what we did and be out and about that early!  I know!  You’re on vacation!
But being out that early with nobody around you… you really get to roam around the streets freely and really appreciate its beauty.

I cannot wait to go back and go to the top of the Duomo this time!