August 9, 2015


I was pinching my self multiple times and seriously felt so blessed 
that I was standing there witnessing such beauty w/ Ryan!

Hi guys!
I cannot believe its been 4 months since our Italy trip!
Looking back at all of these photos we took, I feel like it was all a dream! #TakeMeBack

After being in Florence for 3 days we decided to take a day trip to Cinque Terre.
I've seen multiple photos of Cinque Terre online while planning our trip and I was inlove! So I knew we had to fit it in somewhere on our Italy trip. I wished we could have spent several days in Cinque Terre and not just a day trip... Unfortunately we only had one extra day to spare. Meh! Cinque Terre was magical! Already planning a trip dedicated just to Cinque Terre!

How we got there from Florence:
 We took the train from Florence > Pisa and switched trains from Pisa > Le Spezia, Then from Le Spezia we took the train to Cinque Terre! Omigod! Sounds a lot right? But trust me! It is very easy!
The train ride from Florence > Cinque Terre took about 3.5 hrs fast train and the views on the way there were just UNBELIEVABLE! Passing through all the small Italian towns and then the beautiful colorful Cinque Terre towns sitting on cliffs with their beautiful ocean views were just breath taking!

Our first stop was Monterosso! I was immediately inlove with this little town filled with Cafes, restaurants and a beautiful beach infront of it all! The town was surrounded by rocky mountains and beautiful sea views! My favorite part was watching families casually strolling around town and watching local children play, it was witnessing real life in Cinque Terre! #Love!
We attempted to take the hike from Monterosso to Vernazza but unfortunately we weren't wearing proper footwear so after 20 mins of the hike we went back to town and waited for the train to our next Cinque Terre town!


From Monterosso our next stop was suppose to be the town of Vernazza wc was 25 mins away train ride.Unfortunately! UNFORTUNATELY! Ryan and I got on the wrong train! We got on the no stops train to Le Spezia wc was an hr away! I seriously almost cried! When we got to Le Spezia we quickly checked when the next train to Cinque Terre was! Unfortunately the next train to Cinque Terre was not for another 40 mins! So we basically just wasted 3 hours of our day trip, wc would have been fine if we weren't on a time crunch - unfortunately we were, because also that night we had to travel to Rome! #Hates! The train to Cinque Terre finally arrived and at this point we only have room for one more Cinque Terre Town wc was bummer. So we decided to skip the other 3 towns and just go to Manarola! The town I was most excited to see!

Guys... Manarola was seriously AMAZING!
After getting off the train, we walked around this colorful town, had lunch and went to the hiking trail near the pier! The views of Manarola from there were literally to DIIIEEE for! We stood there for a bit taking photos and I literally had a moment! I was pinching my self multiple times and seriously felt so blessed that I was standing there witnessing such beauty w/ Ryan! Despite the train drama, and missing Vernazza, it was an unforgettable, magical, amazing day that I will remember forever!

We ended our day in Manarola! Even though we missed 3 more Cinque Terre towns and we were only there for a day I was happy that I get to see a piece of beautiful Cinque Terre. Im already planning a trip dedicated to Cinque Terre alone!
Truly Beautiful!