July 7, 2016


(love at first sight)

For our second day in beautiful Paree, I went in the complete opposite direction of what Parisians would normally wear - Bright, cheerful and colorful! BAAAAM! 

We started our second day in Paris at this cafe for breakfast - come to find out, sitting down for breakfast in Paris can get a bit expensive! 

40-50 dollars for 1 orange juice, 2 crepes, and 2 coffees! BANANAS! If you think that's ok - good for you, LOL! But if you're ballin' on a budget like us, that was a bit much! Or maybe we just picked a rather expensive cafe.

So for the rest of the trip, every morning Ryan and I would go to a french bakery, pick up some pastries, croissants, and espresso and eat it on the go! Cheap! And  honestly, walking to a different bakery every morning for 2 weeks in France became one of my favorite memories!

After breakfast, we started our touristy day at Place de la Concorde, from there we walked through Tuileries garden w/c was really busy because it was Sunday and supposedly it was some sort of a holiday - w/c was fun!

Then, we made our way to Place Vendome - then to Palais Garnier  - Palais Garnier was unfortunately closed though because it was Sunday - so bummed that we didn't get to go inside. Meh! But the architecture from the outside was still breathtakingly magnifique!

After exploring for a bit we went and ate at this Korean place near Montmartre! HAHA! Yup, korean food in Paris! The place was chic though (if you followed me on snapchat you saw!) and the food was dee--lish! I mean, there's only so much pate and tartare you can eat! 

After lunch, we walked around Montmartre and made our way up to Sacre Coeur - w/c was soooo CROWDED - bc again, it was Sunday and a holiday! 

So the next day early in the morning we went back to Montmartre and Sacre Coeur to really appreciate it without the crowd - separate blog post of that >  HERE

Exploring Paris was such a dream - I felt like I was in a romatic movie the whole time - every building was just so old and beautiful! The people, the atmosphere - It was AMOUR! 

So in love that I didn't really make an effort to take more photos of me and my MC HAMMER pants! Haha! Right? I know.. I couldn't believe me either! But seriously, I was more focused on capturing the beautiful scenery than taking a picture of me! Yup. Believe it!

Can I please move to Paris?