June 2, 2017


Felt like I was in a fairy tale exploring this
beautiful french provincial town!

One of the places I was extremely excited to visit when we were in France was Gordes. Seriously kicking myself that we only scheduled a day trip to explore this dreamy french provincial town. Easily, I could've stayed there for a good week and just wake up to magical breath taking valley views and explore fairy tale like streets and houses! 

After 5days in Paris, Ryan and I hopped on car with two random french guys! Haha! You heard that right, drove 9hrs total with two random french guys! They were really nice and fun. During our 9 hour drive to Provence we stopped in this town Lyon - went to a bar, watched the game and had dinner there. And after a total of 9hrs we finally arrived in Provence! We stayed in Aix En Provence for 3 days and on one of the days we were there, we took a day trip to Gordes!

Transportation: How we got to Gordes from Aix En Provence
The easiest way to do this is drive. However, Ryan and I didn't rent a car during our time in Provence so we took the bus from Aix En Provence to Cavaillon and from there we took a taxi from Cavaillon to Gordes.

When we arrived in Gordes I was filled with so much joy and excitement it was breathtaking! Left and right it literally felt like I was in a fairytale - the landscape views, the old medieval buildings, it was so dreamy!

What we did:
We explored the town, got lost in beautiful french streets, ate ice creams, had lunch, and in the afternoon we relaxed and drank wine with the most beautiful panoramic views of Provence.

One of the things we didn't get to see was the lavender fields in the Abbey - we were there in April so the lavenders were not in bloom yet. Which was a complete bummer, but thats ok, it is DEFINITELY an excuse to return to Provence!

It was a perfect day, like perfect! The views on the way there passing by all the other charming Provence town and Gordes itself was just MAGNIFIQUE!