April 17, 2015



Venice immediately stole my heart with its beauty...

Only in Venice for 2 days and immediately it became one of my favorite cities!
Left and right, up and down, everything was so beautiful!

Even though the streets were a bit confusing,
and you will most likely probably get lost, like us,
who cares! It's beautiful and YOU'RE IN VENICE! TAKE IN THE MOMENT

We mostly went to famous tourist attractions >
St Marks, The Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge!
And roamed all the random breathtaking streets... It was love at first sight!

Can we also please talk about the fact that there were no land vehicles in the city...
Everything ran on water - garbage trucks, delivery trucks, water taxis, water buses, and ofcourse Gondolas!
I seriously was impressed that people who lived here survive with out land transportation!

My favorite part about our first day was...
after walking around visiting the beautiful attractions
Ryan and I sat down for lunch outside overlooking the lagoon
Sitting there and just watching Venice, the people (tourists, gondoliers, people who live there), that view! 
I had a major moment...
I was in one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited with Ryan (Can life get any better)
#BLESSED seriously...

I wished we had a few more days in this amazing city to explore some more 
- all the old towns, the island of Murano, across the lagoon, etc...

There's so much more we didn't see. But that's ok.
I am definitely coming back to beautiful beautiful city!